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Producție: SUA, 2011

Descriere: 180 has created a firestorm of attention on the Internet, with both positive and negative feedback from thousands of viewers pouring in, in response to the film’s depiction of eight “pro-choice” individuals changing their minds and becoming pro-life.

Many emails have come from students who say 180 has been a catalyst of discussion at their schools, including one University of Michigan-Flint student who said the film was “taking MSU’s campus by storm.”

Another wrote: “I never thought it possible that 33 minutes could have such an impact on my life, but they did. ‘180’ was one of the most (if not THE most) influential movie I have ever seen. It not only changed my mind about abortion, but it also brought me to our Lord Jesus Christ, for I too had hidden myself in denial of God’s existence, because of all the sins I have committed.”


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