Producție: SUA, 2011

Descriere: Pattie Mallette, President of Noble Pictures and the mother of pop singer Justin Bieber served as the executive producer of the film, which stars American actress Ali Landry. Written and directed by Mr. Alvarez Barreda, and produced by Jason Jones and Eduardo Verastegui, the producer of „Bella,” Crescendo raised more than $5 million for crisis pregnancy centers in its limited theatrical release.

„Crescendo is a celebration of the strength, beauty, fortitude and dignity of women,” said Executive Producer Pattie Mallette.

Crescendo packs a powerful message into its few minutes, telling the kind of story you can only hint at without spoiling: a young mother – abused, frightened, in despair – faces an impossible choice.

There is nothing preachy or pushy about Crescendo. Yes, it has a message, but it has more than a message. It has a story – a true story – to tell. And more than that, it has work to do.

Premii: 15 premii și 17 nominalizări

Actori: Montserrat Espadalé, Ali Landry, Patrick Nuo


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