Descriere: The film opens with a teenage girl named Apple (played by Vanessa Hudgens) running away from her vicious, drug-addict mother. Apple shows up at the home of the father she’s never met: a wealthy Wall Street broker, (played by Brendan Fraser) who lives in a mansion with his wife and two young children. The couple doesn’t know quite what to do with Apple, but one thing they’re certain about: Apple cannot keep her unborn baby. After all, her father gently explains to her, she’s homeless, jobless, and just plain too young to become a mother.

Apple reluctantly agrees. But at the abortion clinic, she pulls out the pictures of her unborn baby—the ones an ultrasound tech gave her when she was taken for a pregnancy test. She remembers the way the baby squirmed, and the sound of its heartbeat. And she simply cannot go through with it.

Apple runs out of the clinic, and begins living on the streets. A bad car accident lands her in the hospital, and this is where she encounters grace in the form of a priest, Father Frank McCarthy, played by James Earl Jones. Father McCarthy tries to help Apple, but she simply cannot bring herself to trust him—or his God.

“I don’t need a priest.” Apple declares. “God don’t care about me. Where was God when I was suffering and being abused all these years?”

“Maybe,” Father McCarthy responds, “You’re exactly where you’re meant to be. God put you here for a reason.”

The priest recommends that Apple stay at a home for pregnant teenagers, run by Kathy DiFiore, a devout Catholic who once worked with Mother Teresa. With no better options, Apple agrees to give it a try, and over the next few months as she is treated with kindness, she begins to learn how to trust.

One of the most poignant moments in the film is when several girls sneak into Kathy DiFiore’s office and read aloud what social workers have written about them. It’s a tragic story of physical abuse, prostitution, drug abuse and rape.

“Gimme Shelter” was written and directed by Ronald Krauss, an award-winning director who wrote his screenplay after spending a year in a shelter for pregnant teens. Several of the actresses who play Apple’s companions are real-life shelter moms.

Krauss’s experience and vision are a big part of what makes “Gimme Shelter” a great film. This is not a film that will only appeal to Christian audiences. It’s a film with big stars, top-notch production values, and a subtle message intended to appeal to a wide audience.

Premii: Truly Moving Picture Award (Heartland Film, 2013), Christopher Award (Christopher Awards, 2014)

Actori: Brendan Fraser,Rosario Dawson,Vanessa Hudgens


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