Producție: SUA, 2015


VOICELESS, a pro-life movie coming to theaters October 7, tells the story of a young war veteran’s battle against an abortion facility across the street from the church where he is hired to serve as community outreach director.

VOICELESS captures well the struggles with which many pro-life activists will be familiar: heartbreak at the hell abortion brings into people’s lives, opposition from the least likely places, hostile police.

The film’s main character, Jesse Dean, accidentally becomes a pro-life activist when he realizes God is compelling him to save babies and their mothers from abortions at A Woman’s Choice of Frankford, the abortion facility across the street from the church whose declining membership he is tasked with reviving.

Pro-life activism is about helping people — real, unique people with difficult problems and circumstances — and VOICELESS makes this apparent. It shows that personal experiences often shape a person’s worldview far more than abstract ideas. And it shows that pro-life activism isn’t really about lofty academic ideas or politics — it’s about refusing to be silent in the face of evil and helping women at an hour when they often feel most alone.

The pain Jesse experiences from a chance encounter and his choice to use that pain to propel him into life-saving ministry show the difference one person can make in responding to injustice.

In addition to its artistic cinematography, VOICELESS shows the parallels between the civil rights movement and the fight against abortion, the important role men —especially fathers — play in creating a culture of life, and how abortion hurts women in permanent ways.

VOICELESS communicates the essential role the Christian church must have in the pro-life movement and the positive fruits that can come about when a church undertakes pro-life ministry.

“Once you speak one word, the rest is easy,” a street preacher tells Jesse.

Premii: “Best Feature” at the Northeast Film Festival, “Best Feature Film” at the California Independent Film Festival and the People’s Choice “Best Feature Film”

Actori: Rusty Joiner, Jocelyn Cruz, James Russo, Paul Rodriguez



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